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Truth Wins Project  

Have any of you suffered an injustice, been overlook, ignored, rejected, anyone been denied, repudiated, negated, humiliated, devastated, infuriated, frustrated, transgressed upon, anyone been sinned against, disrespected, slighted, wounded, snubbed, oppressed, held down, discriminated against, beat down, distressed, tortured, haunted, bullied, teased, tormented or had smack talked about you? Anybody? And when it was over did you think I don’t deserve this. If things have gotten tough don’t you ask why me????

I am a good person. If someone is going to be fired, get divorced, have a heart attack, be mugged, rapped, blown up by a terrorist, lose a limb in an accident, have an abortion, swindled, conned, slandered or be foreclosed on don’t you think it should happen to someone who deserves it. It should never happen to you? You don’t deserve this. You are a good person!!!!!

Break away from the self-doubt, fear, procrastination and lack of confidence that is holding you back from achieving greater financial success and freedom. No longer be paralyzed from realizing your hopes and dreams. Re-train your self talk and win your true potential!